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Export Packing

Treated timber

Cases, crates and pallets for Packing & Warehousing

Each case or crate is designed specifically for the cargo and method of transport. Batons and padding are used to endure that items cannot move around in transit, even if the going gets a bit choppy!

Shrink wrapping your items for Packing

All cargo packed onto pallets will be shrink- wrapped and banded to ensure it is secure and protected. Shrink wrapping will help to ensure that the materials used to pad out the items cannot shift in transit. It adds an extra layer of padding and even keeps the rain drops off!

Waterproof lining the Packing Crates

All our cases are waterproof lined to protect the cargo they are carrying. Even transporting items locally, the great British weather has a habit of throwing everything at you, never mind when your crates are at sea! Our crates will keep your items high and dry until they reach their final destination.

Ro-Ro services

We can arrange for roll on/roll off transport from most major ports around the world back to the UK.

Foam moulding used in Packing Crates

Foam and foam moulding is used when packing to ensure any knocks and bumps do not damage the cargo. Where necessary, bespoke padding/foam mouldings are used when packing to ensure that your items are held securely but firmly in place.

Loading and unloading containers

If you do not have the facilities to load or unload containers, we can arrange to load or unload your cargo at our warehouse and deliver it to your premises on the appropriate vehicle.

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