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We are UK Government Registered Customs Clearance Agents UK offer quality shipping, storage and customs services.
We are based in Scotland and we cover all UK Road Sea and Airports.

Customs Clearance Agents UK

We understand the importance of offering a complete and personalized shipping service.

We have an experienced team who have all relevant professional certificates in Customs Declaration.

As a registered Customs Agent, we can provide a hassle-free solution and can act on your behalf.

Our Services Include

Pre Clearance

A customs pre-clearance involves a traveler (and his/her belongings) clearing customs procedures in a third country before arriving in the destination country.

Electronic Link to Customs

All your interaction with Revenue for customs purposes is done electronically. The electronic systems that allow you to do this are covered in this section.

Tariff Calculations

Tariff, also called customs duty, tax levied upon goods as they cross national boundaries, usually by the government of the importing country.

Duty and VAT Facilities

Customs Duties vary according to the type of goods, their classification and origin, and as they are an irrecoverable cost they can have a direct impact on your margins.

Customs Clearance

As Best Customs Clearance Agents We can declare all UK export customs entries through our system irrespective of the mode of transport & port of departure.

Letters of Credit

Import letters of credit give you an extra cover and control. You’ll know that your seller can claim payment only if they comply with all the terms in the letter of credit.

KLANORIANS is Government Registered Customs Intermediary at all U.K Ports

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It is essential that Importers understand and comply with the regulations. It is essential to ensure that companies are paying the correct import duty and VAT. Classification of products is therefore important as duty rates differ.

It is very important that exporters submit their export goods to the correct procedures, correctly classified for statistical purposes and in compliance of regulations for export licensing, preferential documentation and procedures.